Mental Health

Being Overworked and Consequences. How to handle the pressure?

Sometimes we love our work too much to realize how significantly it impacts the other important aspects of our everyday lives.

Certainly, we are constantly looking to maintain the work-life balance, but do we ever really achieve it? We always prioritize one over the other.

I lost a lot of money in my last startup venture and decided to work for another startup for a while. I loved working in this new atmosphere, only to find myself working too much. I was paid by the hour, so I took all available shifts. Basically, 6 days a week. Notably, two reasons drove me: one, earning the money I lost as fast as I can, second, a sense of achievement.

I believe the two motivational factors played a part in driving everyone’s overworked self. However, we must realize that money is spent as fast as its earned and achievement is circumstantial. Once you’re back in the playground, you’ll feel like a player again and not a winner.

The result was catastrophic. I was reaching late to office everyday, unhealthy lifestyle, yawning in front of the manager, lack of concentration at work, making silly mistakes, mood swings and relationships at work falling apart. Essentially, I seemed to be working really hard and giving in more hours. However, I was also lethargic, overworked, sleepy and ignorant. Which, again impacts work.

The realization was harder to achieve because I got comfortable as I was still earning more. However, I could see my health going downhill. That’s when I decided to take charge and started going to the gym before office. I quit the unhealthy snacks and switched to salads. Slept on time to ensure, I am not sleepy in the office.

These little changes impacted a major part of my life which is my health. I’ve heard a lot of people say – “there’s so much pressure from work”. However, the pressure we face is mostly internal and can be worked upon easily.

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