getting started

Getting Started 101: Is it the fear of failure or being judged?

Our approach depends on our perception.

Perception could block us from a range of opportunities, that have the ability to change our lives for good. A major role is played by our perception of starting new or doing something different, as something uncommon. However, we tend to ignore that if it weren’t the unique ideas in the world, we won’t be where we are today. Kudos to our brilliant thinkers, scientists, innovators, developers and researchers, for looking outside-the-box.

In everyday life, we hear amazing ideas from people that are never worked upon. These ideas are never taken forward to the next day. People suppress them to ensure they don’t go out of the decided path. However, for a greater mind a path is never decided, it’s always made. Dying without taking action is a choice.

Many a times, I have secretly observed the fear of speaking up in people because of the fear of being judged. Up until my Masters I had been the same person. Only till I decided to question everything, no matter how silly I sound. I have no words to describe how open, extrovert and questioning I’ve become.

Since then, I had a few questions from people (maybe the comment section can help):

Why do we settle for what is told to us?
After a split second, will it matter to anyone that I sounded silly because I asked a question?
Who decides the worth of my ideas?

Not have I ever met a successful entrepreneur without a failure story to appreciate today’s achievements. A negative perception of failure will never lead to success.

Quit feeling Judged and believe in your abilities to master success!

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