getting started

Getting Started 101: When do you know your startup idea is worth it?

I would disagree with a majority of people who may say – “every idea is good”. We know that’s not true. It’s a definite plus to have a lot of ideas, however, we must filter them to find the most suitable ones.

Every startup idea must answer the following questions:

1. Does my idea provide solution to an existing problem?

2. Is it scalable?

3. Is there a market for my product?

4. How will I cater to this market, do I have a plan?

5. How competitive is the space?

6. Would I be able to start with minimum or no capital?

7. Do I have a trustworthy team?

8. How well do I know this space?

9. Am I in the best mental health state to start working on this?

There’s no right or wrong answers to the above listed questions. It entirely depends on your personality and how well you can make this work. Many a times, your belief in yourself is enough. However, a positive response to all these questions will work well in your favour, when you’re starting out.

Ideas are only worth something when they have the ability to create and innovate something that’s potentially unique and generates benefits in some way. If our idea is not doing something better and newer than what already exists, then what’s the whole point.

Remember to push your mind through the boundaries of the existing practices to find problems and help provide solutions. That’s the best way to generate an idea responsibly and contribute to development.

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