Competition & Collaborative Learning in an office environment

Work culture often has the power to make you feel both positive and negative in the environment. Positivity is often referred to the learnings that come along in the journey, which reflects in your work. Whereas, negativity is often associated to your colleagues, which reflects in your behaviour.

The balance between the both positive and negative impact is really important. As limits need to be put in the negative to stop it from overpowering the positive. It is not essentially a bad thing to feel the negativity as competitive spirit mostly serves and drives the work to potentially progress. So as to say, it will always be present and the presence must be accepted. After it has been accepted, it is important to take the positives and transform it into the force that helps you learn. In simple words, learn from competition. So whenever next time your colleague brags about his work in the office, be a bigger person and get on his back to know how he did such a good job. We may initially view the bragging as a negative nature of the fellow, however, we should realize that his learning and our learnings both double in size. This learning can further be incorporated in one’s own work to provide better results.

As delightful as the positives may sound they may be able to inject into ones ego, eventually turning into negatives. When I started working, I had zero work ethics and some behavioural issues, which one of my seniors helped me to cope. So when I started smashing through work, I started to view my achievements as a catalyst to boost my ego. This resulted in waiting till the last hour to get work done as I developed overconfidence, even missing my shift (Work From Home) wondering I was off, but was actually looking at a completely different week altogether.

A balance between all the above mentioned attitude and behaviour will help you develop the right learnings, without much stress and creating positive valued for both your companies and yourself. One good way to achieve this balance is by collaborative learning from your colleagues and seniors, trying to feel less negative emotions as everyone is in a competitive spirit like us. Secondly, understanding criticism instead of questioning it.

These are the two ways which I have learned over the time that have helped me understand the dynamics of the behavioural aspects of my colleagues and of course, do great at work.

Feel free to comment below and share some of your learnings as well!

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