Coping with Anxiety and Mental Health during the Lockdown

The lockdown and social distancing, though proved to be the best way to deal with the pandemic, was certainly challenging for our personal well-being. Where some people devoted it to families, some engaged in creative activities and others worked from home, but all of us learned about self.

Being Overworked and Consequences. How to handle the pressure?

Sometimes we love our work too much to realize how significantly it impacts the other important aspects of our everyday lives. Certainly, we are constantly looking to maintain the work-life balance, but do we ever really achieve it? We always prioritize one over the other. I lost a lot of money in my last startup […]

Getting Started 101: Is it the fear of failure or being judged?

Our approach depends on our perception. Perception could block us from a range of opportunities, that have the ability to change our lives for good. A major role is played by our perception of starting new or doing something different, as something uncommon. However, we tend to ignore that if it weren’t the unique ideas […]

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